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From The Last Pew


A gathering of the adherents of self-sufficiency,

uncommonly adept at the duck of the head,

legislating for forms of normal change.

I toady myself prone before the stained-glass windows:

these scenes of Christ in some Damascus land.

In Demerol numb sweat I watch the minister,

his skin as wan and drawn as parchment,

negotiating support for relinquishment of control;

but I cannot completely let go of

the sounds and sights of secular leftovers.

Outside, I walk around with my son’s unease

on this gray-blanket Easter morning

that’s echoing with the distant drumfire of traffic.

He plucks a carmine tulip for my wife

from the careful shallow garden on a small-town lawn.

Silence, on these spacious porches,

I only wish I could swallow this silence.



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